Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Climbing or Crawling?

You've seen successful people.

They look like they found an extremely tall ladder sometime in their childhood, put their foot on the first rung, and haven't stopped climbing since. They are attractive. They have money. People like them. They are unstoppable.

And then there are the other kind of people--those who never even learned how to walk.

They struggle along on their hands and knees, not because they are begging for help, but rather because they truly lack the knowledge, ability, and skills to stand up. Climbing the ladder, for them, is not yet an option. So they crawl.

Which set of people will accomplish more with their lives?

It is impossible to tell!

Although some people may seem to have life easy and don't seem to struggle in achieving their goals what determines who will accomplish more with their lives is how much effort is put into the task.

If you are only crawling at this point in your life don't give up!

Keep learning. Keep practicing. Find a teacher or two (or more) to lean on while you strengthen your legs.

Take those first faltering steps. Then learn to run.

And as you wobble out on your own keep searching for that ladder. When you find it set your sights on the top of it.

You will someday reach that height.

Crawl Faster, Climb Higher!
Paula Farris

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When the Going Gets Tough . . .

You feel even better when you finally accomplish your goal!

Few things worth doing are easy. You are going to have to work, fight, sweat, get dirty, maybe even cry, but when you see the finish line . . . Wow! What a feeling!

So, when things are rough, when the money runs out before you are finished, when you fall ill to yet another virus, when you have no one to help you, what do you do?

Well, what do you do?

I choose to perservere. I choose to finish. I choose to win. Because they are all much better than the alternatives.

Push Forward!
Paula Farris

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Monday, February 25, 2008

What Will Stop You?

How determined are you?

If you get sick do you stop pursuing your goals?

If you lose your job do you give up?

If your children are being rebellious and hard to get along with do you throw up your hands in defeat?

What will stop you?

If you are pursuing Aggressive Success the only answer to that question must be, "NOTHING!"

Get out there and succeed!
Paula Farris

Friday, January 18, 2008

Talking to Yourself

Never give up!

You can do it!


I am successful!

Are these the kind of words that run through your mind?

What about when things go wrong? What about when you fail? What do you tell yourself then?

We can convince ourselves to give up. We can make a mistake, make a bad decision, fail, and the next thing we know, we've stopped moving forward. We've convinced ourselves that our goals aren't really important. We've given up.

Don't allow this to happen to you! Aggressive Success requires commitment. It requires determination. It requires you to talk to yourself in a way that will convince you that you are unstoppable--


Because We Are Both Winners!
Paula Farris

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Pursuit of Aggressiveness

Some may wonder why I called this blog Aggressive Success. For years I have lived a passive life. I haven't tried very hard. I have taken the easy route. And when things have gone
wrong--I've just given up, turned around, decided that I didn't really want what I was after after all. Yawn. It makes me bored just reading about it.

About six months ago I decided that I wanted more. I wanted to be something different. I didn't want to settle for what I got; I wanted to grab for what I want. I decided to become aggressive.

To look at me you wouldn't guess there had been a change. To look at my office and my desk you wouldn't guess there had been a change. To look at my relationships you wouldn't guess there had been a change. But there has! It happened in my attitude.

Before when I would get sick or my joints would ache or I would have a headache I would lay around--for days. Before when my office and desk would get messy and out of control I'd stick the whole mess into a box and forget about it. Before when a someone I love would say something hurtful to me I would wallow in it and give up.

Not now!

I have decided that I will become successful. Whatever obstacles I face will be dealt with. I will find the resources I need to pursue each one of my goals. I will pursue aggressiveness!

Will I get slowed down? Will I have to take detours? Will I get stopped? Of course. That's life!

Will I give up? Never!

I will succeed!

Go For It!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Applaud Yourself

My one year old does a cute thing. Actually, he does many cute things, but I wanted to tell you about this certian one. Whenever he does something good or helpful--hands me the TV remote, puts something in the trash can, puts a toy away, etc.--he claps for himself.

When he was very little and would learn a new skill or do something we liked we would all clap for him and say, "Yeah!" So he has come to associate applause with success. He knows that when he accomplishes something he deserves recogonition.

Of course, as he grows up he will learn that not everyone is as excited about his abilities as he is, but I hope he never looses the ability to applaud himself. Knowing when he has done the right thing, reached a goal, or changed a bad habit in his life will help him to improve. The ability to congratulate himself for those things, even if no one else does, will spur him on to bigger, better, and more challenging achievements.

So the next time you reach a goal take a moment to applaud yourself. You may want to do it privately, but maybe not! Let the world see you succeed! Maybe you will inspire someone!

Yeah for You! (and Me!),

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Laser Point Focus

Lasers are amazing things. They allow us to focus a huge amount of energy and power into one very specific place. They have drastically changed the way do things like surgery. Not too long ago the only way to open someone up and fix something inside was to use a scalpel. And although medical scalpels are extremely sharp they don't compare with the presicion of a laser.

Lasers focus!

Do you use the power of laser focus when it comes to pursuing your success? There is a big difference between a goal that states, "I am going to be rich" and one that says, "I will save $100 out of each week's paycheck and invest that money in a way that will earn me 5% interest anually." Can you see the difference? It's FOCUS!

If your life is a little fuzzy and out of focus try looking at it with the pinpoint accuracy of a laser.

Write down what you learn
and act on it!

Focusing . . .